* Schedule subject to change at any time! 

Offering Recreation Swim Times.

A Reservation is required for recreation only. (only 24hrs ahead)

Mon - Fri 3pm-4pm 20 max (starting Nov. 1st.)





*Parent must be in the water with Child

*Blowing bubbles

*Becoming comfortable in water

Level 1 Tadpoles: 

*Getting familiar with the water

*Must be able to reach 3ft.

Level 2 Minnows:

*Know how to Float on Back and Tummy

*Comfortable with breathing out of nose under water

*Must be able to float and kick feet with progression in movement

*Will learn to do basic strokes and how to perform them correctly.

Level 3 Sharks:

*Jump in deep end fully submerge and resurface finding edge again

*Bobbing while moving to the edge

*Rotary Breathing 15x

*Survival Front Float 30sec

*Back Float 1 min Deep Water

*Change from vertical to horizontal (front and back) in Deep water

*Tread Water 1 min







Lap Swim, Weightroom and Cardio Areas are now availbable for walk-ins.

No other classes are being offered at this time.